Nawtie Stuff

eddyjacko said: Whats the most amount of cock you would like at a time? Xx

2 is more than enough…. i dont need my pussy and ass looking like old raw meat….

Sat night shirt… a few noticed… lmao

yeslookingood said: How can i meet you

sorrie… not here to meet people.

eddyjacko said: You look so hot in that black outfit xxx

thank you!

Anonymous said: Who makes that top? It's awesome and would love to get it for my gf. look pretty hot in it too :)

cept they dont make that specific one anymore.

boob enhancing top lolz… the puppies got A LOT of attention lolz!

all sweaty pt.1 

eddyjacko said: Are we ever gonna see your face covered in cum by a few guys xx

i’ve posted a few already….

shoot and after shoot!?!?  LMAO

another fav of mine